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It’s a new world and we are living in a civilized society, where in last fifty years, massive changes in the scientific innovations have taken the center stage, which propels the growth rate of the society to a great extent. In the earlier days, people use to depend on tape recorder or film to preserve a song or for playing the same, but nowadays, when the computer technology has come up in a huge way – there are lots of development in this sector can be seen, which are helpful in saving and enjoying of songs and movies in most comfortable manner. The computer giant, Apple has already launched the iTunes, which is a wonderful tool for music lovers to get the latest songs or films on the palmtop or on the respective laptop or may be on iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.


Unique Features

It is now a well-known fact that iTunes is the most sophisticated media player, online radio, media library, management application for the media device, broadcaster – almost an all-in-one tool; developed none other than Apple Incorporation. With the help of this media player, one can download, play or organize the digital formats of music, video and other forms of media, which may be available on the popular iTunes store. The major items, those are considered as the most important part of the iTunes is, music and video, which are having some unique and important features, as follows:

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  • Music: It can be noted that iTunes helps its user with a virtual library with song tracks, which may be accessed by the user and a particular song’s attributes, popularly known in the name of metadata, can be edited, as per the requirement and all these are stored in iTunes Library – the binary library file. An important part of this tool is that it doesn’t delete or edit any file automatically, on the contrary; if a file deleted or moved, an exclamation mark can be seen beside the existing library, which notifies the user to manually modify the specific library record.
  • Video: While the music option was introduced first by iTunes, the video support was only introduced in the year of 2005, which allows the user to drag & drop video clips, from any computer to the iTunes Library, where it can be organized and put into the catalog. These saved clips can be viewed in a split window or in full-screen mode.

The available similar natures of tools, available in the market; the iTunes is recognized as one of the most advanced music and video support tools, which are being used by millions of people, across the world on different compatible gadgets. Not only the music or videos, the user can enjoy the radio broadcasting, podcast, books etc. in a very comfortable way with an utter easement. The most important part of all, this can be enjoyed, both on Apple made Mac and also on Windows, which helps lots of music, video and media enthusiasts to get this on their respective device. Download iTunes now for your Mac System.

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