Software to View Photoshop (Psd) files as Thumbnails in WIndows Explorer

Download the software of Photohsop files viewer as thumbnails without opening the Psd files with Photoshop. Photoshop thumbnail viewer, software to preview the Photoshop files as thumbnails in the windows 7 explorer.

In this tutorial I am going to explain how to preview the Photoshop files PSD files,Pdf, Eps, Ai files as a thumbnails in the windows 7 and Windows 8.

In many times it is required to graphic designers who are working regularly with the Photoshop files to view the psd files without opening with the Photoshop software. Some software like Acdsee is used to open a Psd file as like an image, but you have to open it and see it and you could not view Photoshop file as like thumbnails.

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Download Free Photoshop Cs6 for windows

In windows 7 there is no default functionality to view the Photoshop Psd files as like thumbnails like images in folder. You need to depend on software to preview the Photoshop files in the windows explorer window. You can also preview the other files of Photoshop PSd, EPS, PDF, and Illustrator as thumbnails .

How to get preview the Photoshop PSD files as thumbnails in the windows 7 explorer without opening them ?

To view the Photoshop PSd, EPS, PDF, and Illustrator as thumbnails you need free software sagethumbs . SageThumbs is a powerful shell extension allowing previewing image formats like Photoshop (PSd), Eps, Pdf files directly in Windows Explorer by using Pierre-e Gougelet’s GFL library. Sagethumbs is the free software to view the thumbnails of Photoshop ,eps and many different formats that you unable to view as thumbnails in windows 7 explorer.


SageThumbs Potoshop thumbnail viewer

By default thumbnail view of Photoshop files in windows explorer ( before sagethumbs installation)


View Psd files with sage thumbs

After Sagethumbs View Psd files as thumbnails

Sage Thumbs creates thumbnail previews to all types of image  formats, such as PSD, IFF, TGA, XCF,and supports  162 image formats. you can view in your windows explorer  in tile view, list view, detail view, and all views, not just thumbnail view.

some supported formats are: hdr, viewer, xcf, bmp, explorer, shell, gif, png, sqlite, image, windows, thumbnails, preview, jpg, psd, extension, utility, tga, hdri,  tiff

To enable thumbnails for Adobe Illustrator (ai), Postscript (ps, eps) and Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files you need installed old Ghostscript library:

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