Bulk Image watermark tool for Windows and Mac

How to Bulk Watermark on Images?

In many situation it is require to watermark on the images to keep your identity for example for image galleries, actress galleries, wallpapers etc, but for few images many users are used the Photoshop , Ms paint and other type of software. It is impossible and it takes too much time to watermark on 1000s of files by adding individual watermarks on each image. So we use the help of bulk watermark utilities, this is the best free bulk watermarking software used to watermark on all type of images format.

Umark Watermark Images is definitely Free and easy-to-use image editor which has been especially designed to apply customized watermarks for your photographs. This program can easily watermark complete folders and subfolders in a single click, which is available in handy if you want to use a watermark to multiple images, although not so useful if you’re only dealing with one.

After unzipping Watermark Images (no installation required) you’re ready to go. Simply choose the directory in which your images are stored and also the folder in places you wish to save the watermarked images to. You might also need the option to resize the images at the same time.

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You can pick between image or text watermarks in Watermark with Images, as well as in both cases you have a few customization settings: transparency level, size, angle and position about the image. Plus Watermark Images enables you to preview the end result about the first image within the folder prior to actually applying the watermark towards the remainder of them.

Watermark Images works generally fine but has also some problems that prevent it from obtaining a higher rating. One is the fact that the preview function doesn’t seem to work unless you decide to resize images besides watermarking them. A different one is a couple of error messages I got during the test; nothing serious, but annoying anyway.

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