Subway Surfers for PC – Free Download

Mobile games are now the most common means of refreshments these days. Uniqueness allocated to each featured game attracts the gamers of over the world. Subway Surfers is, in fact, a very interesting endless running game designed for the Windows, iOS and also Android mobiles. The game is awesome with its wonderful 3D graphics and also for its perfect sound effects. Subway Surfers is created by Kiloo & Sybo Games.


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How to Play This amazing Game

The gamers need to take the role of young hooligans. When the hooligans run through the game, they capture gold coins, and at the same time, they will dodge crashes with railway cars in addition to other objects. Some of the special objects such as the Weekly Hunt may help player to collect the rewards within the game.

Gather coins, win prizes while running through the way never-ending is the goal of this game. Trains or other blockages should be avoided by executing well-timed jumps, rolls and also indirect moves. Sometimes, the characters of the game surf on the boards; fly over the tracks of the train and also run along some overhead wires. Some particular missions reward the gamers with bonuses for achieving definite jobs. The game terminates while the surfer falls and is detained or crashes straight into different obstacles.


Well, you might have felt bit silly about the theme as running game. But it is as an exciting one and if you have not yet gone through, it means you have really missed something.

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Characters Of The Game

Jake is actually default character of the game- Subway Surfers. It comes into view in game icons. The players have to unlock all other characters. It is carried out through any of two processes. A number of characters are released by means of the set of character attributes within the track of the game. Any attribute can be an article of garments (for example a cap) or a prop (for example a boom-box). Some other characters are obtainable through in-app purchase.

In this game, the Inspector and also his dog pursue the protagonists. Although he is the same character, the uniform alters in accordance with the site. In case of the New Orleans version, the Inspector was substituted by Frankenstein’s giant with one skeleton dog. Again, throughout the second London version he dressed himself as Santa Claus. Moreover, the second Rome version and the third edition of Paris, he appeared as the Easter Bunny.

Subway Surfers – Available For PC Users

Subway Surfers is completely a free game. So, to download in any system, there is no need to pay anything. However, to download Subway Surfers for PC, one should download an Android Emulator. Bluestacks can be chosen as the preferred Android emulator.

  • Click on the link to download Bluestacks emulator. After installing the program of Bluestacks, the players have to open it. By doing this, they will be able to see a number of already installed games and apps.
  • Hit the Search button for browsing Subway Surfers.
  • After that the players will be suggested various sites from which they can find Subway Surfers for PC. Google Play is one of those sites, thus just click on the name of the game on Google Play and install the game.

Now, the game can be played on the large screen of computer.

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