What are Offline standalone installers

Usually offline installers or standalone installers are the setup files to install a application and software programs in to the systems ( pc or laptops) without internet connections. I will explain it with an example.

Meaning of Offline or stand alone installers

Do you notice any time while downloading some software (like .Net frameworks) first a small file is downloaded (in KBs) then clicking on that small file it started the downloading process to download the required supported files , that means a small launcher file is downloaded first and then it will connected to the internet and downloaded all the required supported files to run software finely . this process is called online install.

Online install -you usually only download a “launcher” program that pulls files off the network as needed and installs the software.
In this process your PC must be connected to the Internet to download the full setup of the software.
Sometimes the applications is to be install in a pc or laptop without internet connection . in this cases you need the offline installers that means it is a setup file (.exe or msi) which contain all the supported files packed in to a single file and it would install the whole software without connecting to the internet . these type of installers are called the offline installers or standalone installers .

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Advantages of  Offline or standalone installers

  • You should connect to internet at every time to install a software or application.
  • No need to install the applications every time after installing Operating system.
  • To install the software in many systems in  places like offices , colleges ,shcools etc.
  • never worry about interuption internet connection while installing softwares or applications.
  • Installation process completed very quickly .

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