Teamviewer 9 Full Offline installer Download for Windows, Mac, Linux

Download full offline Installer latest version of Team viewer 9 and I will show How to run Teamveiwer software without Installing in to pc.

Team viewer is one the best free remote PC access software program its latest version is 9. Team Viewer 9 is back with the same features offered in previous versions, the good news is with a lot more speed usage flexibility to users . The best part of the software is you can use this remote desktop controlling is free for personal use and it is a freeware. TeamViewer is a free tool for remote computer control . With this free Teamviewer software, you can instantly to a pc or server and remotely and you can control it as simply that you sit and control the pc through internet.

Teamviewer 9 Offline Installer Download links

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How the TeamViewer works or How to Use TeamViewer ?

How to use Teamviewer 9 to connect to Pc

TeamViewer allows you to connect with any pc anywhere in the world, for this both pcs should connected to internet. you can control the connected pc and you can work with that pc . TeamVieawer also enables remote desktop sharing via the internet, transfer files in both directions, creating a VPN channels, in addition to securing accounts with two-factor authentication (password protects from the loss of remote connection). Teamviewer automatically generates a unique identification number which is called Id and password , one must tell this ID and password to connect with the pc. once you should enter the Id and password of your partner then you connected to the pc and you can now fully access the Pc or Laptop and you can work.

Features of Latest Teamviewer 9

Features of Latest Teamviwer 9

The new TeamViewer version brings some interesting enhancements for business or personal use. Most notable features are

  • Free Software :TeamViewer is a free software application and it is is available for various operating systems, of Windows , Mac OS X.
  • Remote Pc (or) Desktop connecting: You can connect any Pc around the Globe that are Connected to Internet.
  • Attractive Interface: New interface which allows you to open multiple connections in different tabs. You don’t lose anything because the flaps open always blink when new activity occurs for the remote computer;
  • Cross Platform Support: You can download Teamviewer for both Windows and Mac. So thatTeamviewer allows you to work cross-platform, that is, eg. allows you to control a computer running Apple Macintosh with a Windows PC and vice versa. It offers faster to drag and drop elements, save the connection settings to remote computers, convert to AVI, scheduling meetings, and access to a flexible window and better operating parameters.
  • Online Trainings are simpler : The software is not only useful for remote management of machines, so it can be carried out online training by sharing your screen. You can use the Teamviewer for conducting online Training Classes and Tutorials.

Note: TeamViewer Download is free for non-commercial use. After launching the application, select for what purposes will be used. If you choose the commercial version will probably be installed trial edition.

  • Easy File Transfers: File transfers are very easy with Teamviewer you can transfer files over the teamviewer .
    The Wake-on -lan to wake computers remotely connected. The activation feature works via another computer using TeamViewer within the local network or a router;
  • Security is More : Protect your account with new security method. Authentication is now done on two factors, so your password will be intact if it falls into the wrong hands. With an application to set authentication (a good choice is the Google Authenticator), you generate a security code with your Smartphone. The code and password are required for login. Thus, the program helps you meet HIPAA and PCI DSS requirements;
  • Files, folders, pictures and more is now able to copied via the clipboard – the same as on your own PC;

Technical specification Teamviewer 9 :

  • Runs on Windows 8.1.
    Runs on XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1
  • you can download for Mac

How to Run TeamViewer Without Installing in to PC

Teamviewer is free for Personal use and it is paid for commercial use. Once you install the Teamviewer and if you use many times then Teamviewer asks you to upgrade to premium . At that time you need to un-install and install again sometimes it again ask you to upgrade to commercial use . So to use the Teamviewer software for Free for ever you do not install the software to use . you should run the Teamviewer setup file but not by installing. In this process you can run the Teamviewer without Installing in to PC.

Download and Install Team viewer , Right click on it and select “Run As Administrator”


Select “Run only ” and “Personal /No commercial use” in second step. Then click on “Accept and Run” Then the Teamviewer 9 is opened and you can use as normal installed software.


Using the above process it never asked for to upgrade option.

Download Teamviewer 9 for Mac & Linux

Teamviewer 9 Dmg Download for Mac Os

Teamviwer 9 Download from Itunes for Apple ,iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Download Teamviewer 9 from Android store

Teamviewer 9 for Linux Distributions

Ubuntu Debian 32 Bit os | Ubuntu Debian 64 Bit os

RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE

Download TeamViwer for Other Linux Os

Download Teamviewer 9 for Windows


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