Download Free SlimDrivers 2.2.44488

Download Free SlimDrivers 2.2.44488 for windows that combines all the features you would expect in driver software into a product that is entirely free.


SlimDrivers is a driver supervision tool that brings together all the features you would like in driver software into a product that is completely free.

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SlimDrivers will scan your personal computer and inform specifically how many drivers – and Windows updates – are missing. Then it will enable you to download the missing ones, but in order to achieve this, you will have to register. This is open and only requires a single minute or two minutes, but users who were familiar to unencumbered use before might bulk.

SlimDrivers also provides you a back-up and restore function, which will be essential if you notice any difficulties after updating – or if you want to make a copy of your drivers when you format your Computer system, for example. There is also a driver uninstall facility.


 Latest Version of SlimDrivers:


The Present version of SlimDrivers is SlimDrivers 2.2.44488


Supporting operating systems for SlimDrivers 2.2.44488:


Supports for Windows (All Versions)


SlimDrivers Features:


Cloud-Based Driver Management

Superior technology unlocks new potentials in the manner you repair and optimize a Personal computer. These applications doesn’t include a pre-set list of drivers. Instead, they contact a dynamic information cloud, an online data center that is constantly receiving new driver definitions.

Enhancing your PC

Having a slimmed down update process makes it much simpler to get the latest drivers, including those that boost computer performance, PC function and user accessibility.

Better Controls

With SlimDrivers and DriverUpdate, you can take control of the numerous drivers on your PC. Quick setup allows you to find outdated drivers, update old drivers and restore broken drivers simply by pointing and clicking.

Rapid repair of Driver-related Errors

SlimDrivers and DriverUpdate are furnished to automatically repair issues with the update and install processes, utilizing the hassle out of unforeseen errors and incompatibilities.

New Technology to Improve Efficiency

Not all scans are developed equal. SlimDrivers and DriverUpdate implement the newest developments in analysis technology, coordinating checks with the Windows Device Manager, Windows System Manager and Windows Update Online.

The Latest Driver Every Time

By using cloud-based technology, DriverUpdate keeps you in-step with the latest releases in hardware and software. No matter how new your component is, there’s and up-to-date definition for it in the cloud.


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