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Torch browser is the one of the latest  and advanced web browser with many feature you could not find any other browser.

Features of latest Torch browser

All in one and without installing anything

Virtually all of the functional framework of the Torch Browser is just like Chrome. Its user interface can also be much like the well-known Google browser, aside from the slimmer edges of the window and also the toolbar added close to the address bar.

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Torch Browser Inbuilt free Download accelerator

The qualities with the Torch Browser doesn’t end there. This browser also includes a download accelerator, which works within the browser – without requiring you to implement any external software. Using this, their file transfers should happen even faster.

Moreover, developers Torch Browser inform which it includes a download accelerator, security systems towards malicious attacks through the web browsing performance as well as the browser that gave rise into it. Download accelrator gives more quick downloads in less time.

Social Network Sharing made easy

This is the place you might have available the resources that make a difference in this browser. The first tool is the “Share”, with which you’ll want to share links from the pages visited by your Facebook profile. Giving permission for your Torch web Browser to get into your account on the social networking and setting them as default, you’ll be able to reveal the contents biggest social network site in the world with just one single click.

 Video Downloader Download videos easily

When surfing the world wide web and if you like video  that’s pleased you, you can download it directly through  this  Torch web browser. You can download the videos you like with a single click.

Using the Torch Browser you can download the Videos from major video hosting services like YouTube, Dailymotion and Metacafe. it automatically asks you to  download the video from the respect services. so you can download the videos without require the another downloader.  As if this were not enough, the program also offers a simple video player, but it can be very handy when watching the footage with lower image quality or as a way to just check if the downloaded content was actually desired.

 Torrent downloadertorch-browser

It is the unique tool possess by the torch browser which is missed  in all type of famous  browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, The third tool this app natively is a download manager torrent files. Pressing the “Torrent” feature, whenever a file format that is downloaded by Torch Browser transfer based on P2P technology is initialized immediately.

The browser offers a main operations like which you could track the transfer rate, time remaining for the download to finish and total file size. You may also pause or cancel the task, in addition to limiting bandwidth consumption directed to the files downloaded by torrent.

 Secured and safe:

The one of the best feature of the Torch browser is the security, it ensures that it has advanced security mechanisms, protecting you against struggling with viruses, adware, spyware, phishing and malicious sites during its navigation.

Being based on the Chrome code, Torch Browser has powerful search tools and agile, mainly because of its integration with the Google search engine.

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Download the torch browser which includes many advanced functionality which are missed in other browsers, Torrent downloader and download accelerator are the most important features of the torch browser offline installer .

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