Temple Run 2 for PC – Free Download

Mobile games have now become an essential part of our lives. It is perhaps just after the release of Smartphone and iPhone that the mobile games gain their popularity. Temple run is also an exciting game, loved by many gamers. It is one of the endless running games, which is made by Imangi Studios. The game was originally introduced for iOS device users. However, later, this was released for all Android and windows mobile users. The main and interesting feature of this game is that it will never end. It is a simple game that can be learned easily by the players but the targets, which are needed to be accomplished, are quite harder.

temple run 2

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Main Features Of The Game

The gamers have to run to carry on the game and they will be followed by a giant monkey who has the aim to eat the players. 3 monkeys, which are found in the original version, are now replaced with a single demonic monkey, named as Cuchanck. Thus, this monkey is the only antagonist in this game. Floating clouds as well as nighttime fog are some of the newly inserted graphics of Temple Run 2.


The controls that are used in this game are almost same as are found in its predecessor. But, the gameplay of Temple Run 2 is quite different because the players can find the new obstacles for example, zip-lines, waterfalls and some more. The players should not forget to have a trip of their mine cart vehicles if they are not able to carry on game. In addition to this, there are also some new power-ups. The gamers will be competent to save their characters from death with the help of the collected or purchased green gems. The gamers can unlock their new characters and boost the efficiency. Another interesting feature of Temple Run 2 is that the location where the game is set is different from the first one. When the game was released for the first time, there were only four characters, but later it was increased to ten. The names of some of them are Francisco Montoya, Montana Smith and many more. The players can share their scores in the game on Facebook, and in this way they can compete with their friends.

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Download Temple Run 2 for PC

  1. Download Bluestacks program from a proper link or you can click here for the same!
  2. After this download is completed, one can install this on the computer. Installation can take a certain time like five minutes.
  3. Then the users have to download the newer or older version Temple Run 2 for PC, and after that, they need to download the APK file of Temple Run 2.
  4. After downloading the particular Apk file, the players have to double click on it in order that it will get installed on the computer.
  5. Now the Temple Run 2 can be placed on the bluestacks. Open the system of bluestacks and then visit My Apps to find the game Temple Run 2 for PC.

Thus, follow these easy steps and start playing Temple Run 2.

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