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The NoxApp Player had been created with the main purpose of creating a platform, which would enable the working of android applications on laptops and personal computers. This application is basically an offline installer which allows the user to download the Android apps and games on PC and Laptops. It emulates the Android operating system, which allows the Android applications on the computer. It enables the functioning of messaging apps to games, and also allows the functioning of several apps at the same time, on multiple windows on the desktop. The control system is usually uncomplicated, whereby, the user can operate the system with the flick of a finger, a click of the mouse, or tap on an icon. Complicated games allow the user to control their keystrokes according to the choice of the user.


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Taking the First Step

The initial setup is a time consuming process. Basically, this app creates a virtual Android tablet on the desktop. To a novice, it might appear as a very complicated procedure. But the initial setup itself is not complicated at all, rather it is a very straightforward procedure. At first, Log into the Play Account to download any application which is already there in any other Android device. After downloading it, one could modify the player’s settings and create personalized custom skins and assign other CPU resources to augment and improve the performance. It is also possible to map game commands to peripherals like joysticks or perhaps a gamepad. It could also enable logging in from multiple accounts, simultaneously.

Dealing With the Pros and Cons:

However like everything else, it is not free from criticism. Everything has its list of pros and cons, including Nox APP Player. The advantages of downloading this app on the computer or laptop have been listed below:

  • This application possesses an intuitive keyboard mapping facility for the game and app controls.
  • The interface of this app is very uncomplicated and user-friendly. This feature thereby facilitates its use even by the non-techie people.
  • It can support multiple control devices at the same point of point, simultaneously.
  • The application is pretty safe and stable for use.
  • It is easy to use and most importantly, it runs on most computers.

The major drawback of this application is the long period of time, which is taken for the download and installation process of this application. Its sluggish speed or pace of installation process kind of gives a bad start to things. But once the tedious process gets over, it runs smoothly without any hiccups. Well, for most parts anyway. For the latest version of Pokemon Go does not work with the use of this app. It has to be downloaded separately on Bluestacks.

Exceptional Features:

This app has won accolades for its hardware performance. This Android emulator works with Android 4.4.2 kernel and is compatible with Windows 10 too. The latest version, has also fixed all the minor and major bug fixes and issues, and has added some latest features as well. So, download the Nox App Player now!

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