SpywareBlaster 5.0 Free Download

Download free Spywareblaster 5.0 for windows system that protects you from identified, undesirable websites including Active-x installs, hijackers, cookies and much more.



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SpywareBlaster creates the methodology that elimination is the best way to deal with Spyware attacks and in your computer system, it achieves this aim.

Most importantly, this program is absolutely free, easy to setup and and very straight-forward to use. It works by avoiding the installation of adware and spyware by stopping them at source. In this way, you prevent attacks instead of having to scan for installed diallers, trojans and bots later with something like Ad-Aware.


Latest Versions of SpywareBlaster Tool:


The past version of SpywareBlaster Tool is SpywareBlaster 4.6

The latest version of SpywareBlaster Tool is SpywareBlaster 5.0


Supporting operating systems for SpywareBlaster 5.0:


Supports for Windows (All Versions)


Features of SpywareBlaster 5.0:


Potential, Verified Protection

Help keep the crooks out with protection for your favorite web browser – including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and more.

Multi-Angle Protection

Prevent the installation of ActiveX-based spyware and other potentially unnecessary programs. SpywareBlaster block spying and tracking via cookies and minimize the activities of potentially unwanted or dangerous web sites.

Easy, Quick Updating

Staying up-to-date against the latest threats has never been simpler.

Restore your Sanity

Restore backups of important settings if an undesired program (or person) changes them.

No-Nonsense Security

SpywareBlaster can help maintain the system secure, without disturbing the “good side” of the web. And in contrast to other programs, SB does not have to keep running in the background. It works alongside the programs you have to help secure your system.

A Toolbox of Help

Take back control and further secure your computer with a lot of additional tools.


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